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We are a major Supplier and installer of Air Curtains in UAE. Air Curtains have now come up as necessary peripherals to air conditioning as they act as the premier thermal barriers. Dust and pollution is also the factor to be contented with, it is essential that Air Curtains are capable of giving additional services to prevent the entry of dust, pollution and flying insects to some extent.

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Leading the World

Carrier is a world leader in heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration solutions.

World class Aircurtains

Olefini Air Curtains serve as a boundary between indoor and outdoor area.

Creating Comfortable Indoors

With a protective shield of air across openings, reducing heat loss via your entrance door to stabilize the indoor climate.

Sanitation Certified

Keep environments sanitary through the elimination of flying pests and debris and ensure consistent building temperatures using an invisible unobstructing flow of air

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With over 10years of experience in the air curtain industry, we have installed air curtains in numerous application settings, from the simplest entrance or dock receiving doors to more elaborate installations in convention centers and large production facitilities used to separate manufacturing environments.

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